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student grips barbed wire fence while walking down steep hillside

Let it be

UC undergrads find Santa Cruz Island rebounding decades after imported grazer eradication On islands, imported plants and animals can spell ecological disaster. The Aleutians, the Galápagos, the Falklands, Hawaii, and … [Read more]

Snowpack in California in 2014 (top) is far less than it was exactly a year earlier (2013), making accurate snowpack measurements critical. Images courtesy LANCE/EOSDIS MODIS Rapid Response Team at NASA GSFC

Measuring snowpack from a plane

An article and video about a project to gauge California's snowpack from a plane are featured on National Geographic Daily News. Much of the water delivered to the state over the dry summer and fall has traditionally been … [Read more]

Pitcher mixing colors in his studio.

A Brush With Preservation

by Sonia Fernandez, UC Santa Barbara Public Affairs When Hank Pitcher first set out decades ago to paint Coal Oil Point, one of his favorite subjects, he was doing it to memorialize a place he thought was going to disappear … [Read more]