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UC Merced students and others who helped contribute to the new sign at the entrance to the reserve. Image courtesy UC Merced

NRS Day at UC Merced

by Lorena Anderson, UC Merced Communications Research, teaching and public outreach were all on display this Thursday at UC Merced’s celebration of the University of California Natural Reserve System’s 50th … [Read more]

sudden oak death study

Saving oaks in Big Sur

Sudden oak death study aids reserve, teaches field research It’s a late November morning in Big Sur, and four UC Santa Barbara students are pushing through the forest on the steep western slopes of the Santa Lucia range. … [Read more]

Taking sediment cores from a rock-dammed lake in North Fork Big Pine Creek in the Sierra Nevada. Image credit: Niki Clark (Bowerman)

Beyond the White Mountains

by Antony Orme, White Mountain Research Center faculty director, geography professor emeritus UCLA As its name suggests, the White Mountain Research Center (WMRC) hosts many studies in the inspiring White Mountains extending … [Read more]